Path: bin/skynet_install
Last Update: Tue May 27 23:48:15 -0700 2008

skynet_install is used to install skynet libraries into your application. Specifically, it installs a config/skynet_config.rb file Once you have a config/skynet_config.rb you can run skynet start from within your root_app_dir/ This is also how you can run skynet from within rails. (using —rails)

USAGE: skynet_install [—rails] directory/ (can be ’.’ for current)"

      -v, --version                    Show the skynet_install version number and quit.
          --mysql                      Include mysql migration if you want to use mysql as your message queue
      -r, --rails                      Install into rails app
                                       Default: false
  General Options:
      -h, --help                       Show this help message and quit.
      -p, --pretend                    Run but do not make any changes.
      -f, --force                      Overwrite files that already exist.
      -s, --skip                       Skip files that already exist.
      -q, --quiet                      Suppress normal output.
      -t, --backtrace                  Debugging: show backtrace on errors.
      -c, --svn                        Modify files with subversion. (Note: svn must be in path)

Required files

rubygems   rubigen   skynet_install/version   rubigen/scripts/generate