Path: bin/skynet_tuplespace_server
Last Update: Wed May 28 15:35:34 -0700 2008

SkynetTupleSpace server is one of the message queues you can use with Skynet. Make sure you set:

  Skynet::CONFIG[:MESSAGE_QUEUE_ADAPTER] = "Skynet::MessageQueueAdapter::TupleSpace"

Usage: skynet_tuplespace_server (start|stop|run) [options]

    -t, --ontop=TRUE                 Dont Daemonize
    -p, --port=PORT                  Port to listen on. default 7647
    -o, --logfile=LOGFILE            Logfile to log to
    -l, --loglevel=LOGLEVEL          Log level defaults to DEBUG
    -d, --piddir=PIDDIR              Directory to put pidfile
    -u, --drburi=druby://DRB_URI     What DRbURI to use

Required files

rubygems   daemons   pp